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Looking for talent?  Looking for career opportunities with Michigan technology companies?  You’ve come to the right place.

Amy Cell Talent was launched in March of 2015 to help Michigan startups and small businesses have access to high quality, yet affordable talent acquisition services.  In the prior decade, Amy had led talent programs for Ann Arbor SPARK and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and had designed dozens of programs to help attract, retain and develop talent.  She understood the gap in programs to help job seekers and employers, and felt that she had a unique background and passion for this issue.  

Since launching her "talent agency" her team has grown and has been able to help dozens of employers and hundreds of job seekers connect to resources and each other.  She is honored to work with an incredible team, an amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Michigan, and with hundreds of people that trust her resources and support to find their next career adventures.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Michigan employers and talent since 2006.  I have worked with hundreds of job seekers and employers and truly believe that the key to business success is the right talent in the right place at the right time – which is critical for startups and growth companies.

Through my work with Ann Arbor SPARK and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, I have designed programs and systems to attract, retain and develop talent, while also working individually with amazing talent, innovative entrepreneurs and incredible businesses that are growing in Michigan.  I also know that many people from around the world want to move to Michigan, or want to stay in Michigan, and they need to find the right career opportunity.  Helping to support these incredible businesses is my passion.


I’ve been involved in the start-up world for many years and it’s been invigorating to promote and support high tech companies, especially those starting, relocating, and staying in Michigan. Connecting entrepreneurs to the resources they so desperately need is one of my passions, and I’m keenly aware of how important it is to have the right team in place, early on, to move a vision forward. 

As the manager of a bustling business accelerator in downtown Ann Arbor, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work closely with high tech companies across Michigan. I’ve also had the pleasure to collaborate with dedicated thought leaders across the state who share our vision to attract and retain companies (and their talent). Each day, I see evidence that Michigan is thriving because of its entrepreneurial atmosphere, and I’m thrilled to be part of the growth and positive energy.


Although new to the start-up world, I started my career working as a small business banker with National Bank of Detroit. After several years in commercial banking and then working as a portfolio manager for an insurance company, I moved back to Michigan. Since then I have been involved in several non-profits, mostly on the finance and accounting side.

When I moved back to Ann Arbor, I was struck by the incredible energy and innovation that was happening around town. Gone was the feeling that you had to leave the state if you were interested in pursuing a high-tech career. I love being part of an organization that is helping the state attract and retain talented people, while at the same time supporting the innovative entrepreneurs who are making Michigan a destination for talent.


As the Career Curator at Amy Cell, LLC. I help create and foster a strong career development curriculum program, an active support community, and job seeker tools for our clients. I'm here to assist our clients as they transition into the next phase of their professional lives, helping them get connected to fantastic new opportunities with phenomenal companies while staying connected to one another.


Nicole has a tremendous passion for working with entrepreneurs - all company sizes and stages. Since 1996 she advised many companies and helped them launch, grow and succeed. Her expertise is in Business Development, Strategy and Internationalization and reaches from Europe to the US and Brazil. She is a Problem Solver, Motivator and Enabler.


Small businesses and start ups are the driving force behind Michigan’s economy; they re-energize our communities with their innovative ideas, productivity, and high performing talent. Over the last few years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to help some of these organizations manage their human resource function. I have worked with start- ups and small business across different industries focusing primarily on HR compliance and best practices.  Prior to my transition into entrepreneurship and human resource consulting, I worked in a Big 4 accounting firm supervising audit teams in planning and completing financial audits, identifying inadequate internal controls, and recommending improvements.


I love the art of matchmaking in the startup world, and I'm committed to keeping talent in Michigan, and to attracting talent to join Michigan's high growth companies. Together, we have rolled up our sleeves for many years, and have developed a large, close-knit network of entrepreneurs seeking great talent, many of whom graciously mentor fellow startups. We have also developed a dedicated following of high-knowledge, high-skilled, innovative talent who honor us by considering the opportunities we come across in our work. We could not do this great work without the deep support of our fellow entrepreneurs, our job seekers, and the awesome climate of growth in Michigan.


As a HR and Organizational Development professional, I was fortunate to be part of Michigan startup technology company that became wildly successful in a short span. I have experience designing HR systems for companies from the ground up and as a proactive HR professional, I seek problems and opportunities before they surface. It is important for me to understand what drives business revenue in order to convert HR results to dollars.I also bring extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the technology sector, and I specialize in finding high impact players in niche markets. I go beyond the technical needs of the clients and understand the culture and vision of the company to find talent that aligns with the organizational goals. I find it incredibly rewarding to work with diverse people and connect them to opportunities they seek, while building lasting professional relationships based on genuine interest in and respect for all parties involved.