Employer Talent Acquisition Services

Let us connect you to great talent - we love making matches!

We offer a variety of talent services and a la carte pricing to meet your needs and budget.

Talent Identification

We work with you to develop a job description that effectively communicates the opportunity.  We then post and promote the opportunity in hundreds of places and target our extensive network of technical, startup and executive talent.  We provide you with access to a tracking sheet and resumes so that you can see the recruiting activity real-time and have everything at your fingertips.  This results in a deep, high quality pool within weeks.  

Talent Selection

We can winnow the pool down through a variety of highly effective tools and tactics to give you a very complete picture of the candidate.  We can make sure that everyone is in the same ballpark in regards to compensation, too.  

Full Service Talent Support

We can provide extensive talent support where we organize and optimize all aspects of a search including:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Compensation analysis
  • Recruiting and selection process strategy
  • Schedule coordination
  • Candidate review facilitiation
  • Offer development and negotation
  • Relocation assistance


Basic Search: 

Retain us to do a 60 day talent search.  We provide you with a pool of qualified, interested, and pre-screened resumes:

  • Executive Talent- $3000
  • Experienced Talent - $2000
  • Entry Level Talent - $1000
  • Internships & Consultants - $500


We do the legwork by interviewing and assessing candidates and will provide you with a pool of 5-10 qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates after 4-6 weeks.  $10,000

The Everything:

We provide you with an incredible level of support throughout the process to help you select the perfect candidate for your opportunity through the negotiation and relocation process.  $20,000.

Custom talent acquisition solutions:

These services can be added on to a basic search at any time:

  • Screening questionnaire: $1000 per posting (We will develop a 4-5 sentence questionnaire based on the job description.  We will send it to candidates that meet minimum qualifications.  Responses will be uploaded to the Google Drive.)
  • Screening interview: $250 per candidate (We will do a short phone interview with the candidate to assess motivation, communication skills, career path, salary target range and interest.)
  • Basic background check: $200  (This will include verifying name, address and social security number, criminal record searches at up to two locations and a credit report.  Additional fees could apply if a person has lived in more than two counties over the past seven years.)
  • Driver’s license search and driving history: $50
  • Education verification: $50
  • Credential/certification verification: $50
  • Employment verification: $100 per employer
  • Internet profile: $50
  • Reference check: $300 per candidate (includes up to three references)
  • Coordinate drug testing: Market Price
  • Caliper assessment: $150
  • Compensation report: $200
  • Single interview coordination: $50
  • Onsite interview coordination: $1000 (We will work with the client and candidate to coordinate dates and times, help with expense report facilitation, assist with airfare, hotel and transportation logistics, set up a tour of the region with a real estate agent, and put together an itinerary for the visit which will be shared with the client and candidate.)

Intern Talent Search

Are you looking for an intern?  How about a computer science student that has great programming experience that can help your company achieve milestones, and then might work part-time for your company over the summer and then join your team after graduation?  We are working with nearly one hundred students that fit that profile!  We will help you build your talent pipeline through an intern search for $500.

Advisor, Co-Founder or Consultant Search

Do you need an advisor or consultant?  We are connected to hundreds of these "difference makers" that love to help Michigan startups succeed.  We can do a job posting and promote through our network for $500. 

Welcome Club  

After you hire someone that is from outside of the area, we can meet with your new employee, learn about their needs (spouse needs a job, son needs to find a welding program, daughter needs to join a swim team, mother-in-law needs assisted living, Fido needs doggie daycare) and help make meaningful connections - including finding other people with similar profiles to help plug them into their new home.

Software Talent Program

The Software Talent Attraction & Retention (STAR) program is a pool of student, entry level and experienced software talent that we support.  We add around 20 candidates per month to the program, and you have access to all of these amazing people to efficiently build your talent pipeline when doing one of the previously described talent searches.  There are quarterly in-person talent mixer events, too!  See the STAR tab for additional details as well as a list of profiles of seasoned software professionals that are looking for their next adventure.

Additional People Support Services

Let us become your full service talent acquisition and HR partner providing a full range of services and support.  We really become part of your team - meeting all of your talent needs including interviewing, checking references, writing job descriptions, providing salary recommendations, assisting with negotiating, relocating, spousal/partner support, college recruitment strategy and implementation, providing orientations, training program development, performance management, compensation, culture development and anything else that we can think of that will help you grow and support your team!  We can put together monthly or hourly packages, too.  Examples include:

  • Implementing and managing your own applicant tracking system.
  • Developing a framework of values/competencies that provides the foundation for your culture, hiring and performance management processes.
  • Writing job descriptions and benchmarking market salaries.

Past Talent Acquisition Successes & Track Record

We have successfully filled the following positions:

CEO, CTO, Software Developer, Robotics Engineer, Executive Assistant, Controller, Accounting Manager, Advisor, Recruiter, HR Consultant, Developer Operations Manager, VP Clinical Operations, Lab Scientist, Sales Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Mentor-in-Residence, Investment Analyst, Project Engineer, Web Application Developer, 

Additionally, we have successfully identified qualified candidates for the following positions:

Regulatory Affairs, Chief Medical Officer, Marketing Associate, VP HR, Pre-Clinical Sciences, Clinical Operations, Co-Founder, CFO, Fund Manager, Office Manager, Business Development Manager, Data Scientist, Clinical Trial Associate, Clinical Trial Manager, Data Operations Director, Program manager, Construction Consultant, Pro E Engineer, Medical Device Engineer, VP Engineering, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Software Director, COO.

We find qualified candidates within 30 days 96% of the time.  Microbiologists and Android developers in certain regions have been our biggest challeges so far.

To learn more, feel free to contact me at Amy@AmyCellTalent.com or 734-657-0370.