STAR - How It Works

Software Talent Attraction & Retention (STAR)

How The STAR Program Works

College Students, Recent College Graduates and Anyone else Seeking Full-time Opportunities, Part-time Opportunities or Internships in software related positions can sign up for this program and will receive the following benefits free of charge:

  • STAR program staff provide participants with career development and software community information via our monthly newsletter and upon request.
  • STAR program staff coordinate quarterly match-making events which are fun and feature great food and a relaxed atmosphere.  A recent participant described it as "The first career event that I have ever enjoyed."
  • STAR participants can participate in a resume database that will be shared with select employers.
  • STAR participants can have an anonymous profile featured on our website which is promoted to hundreds of employers each month.  Interested employers request an introduction, and none of your infomation is shared without your review and approval.  (A referral fee is charged to the employer if you are interesed in the opportunity.)
  • STAR program staff provide housing information and support after a participant joins an employer.
  • There are no fees to participate.

Interested in participating?  Simply send us an email or fill out the following questionnaire so we can learn about you and your interests:

For Employers

  • There are a variety of ways that employers can connect with STAR talent, depending on your specific needs, budget and preferences.
  • MEMBER - This allows you full access to resumes for talent that has chosen to be in the database.  In addition, you can have your company and job postings featured in our monthly newsletter that goes out to hundreds of developers.  The annual membership fee is $5000.
  • POSTING -  Employers that do a job posting with Amy Cell LLC will have their opportunity and company profile information sent to the STAR participants.  (Job posting fees are $500 for internships, $1000 for entry level developers and $2000 for experienced developers.  Jobs are also posted on dozens of job boards, and marketed heavily via social media and networking.)
  • REFERRALS - Employers that identify a specific profile of interest can have their specific job posting or company information presented to the candidate.  If the candidate is interested and still available, the employer can be introduced to that candidate for a referral fee of $500.  These folks are usually only available for a short period of time, so if interested, act quickly.  Details and profiles are available at:
  • EVENTS -

If interested in participating or learning more, please contact