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11/25/2019 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers

Job Search New Year’s Goals that You Can Start Today

As the calendar winds down, many of us begin to think about our plans and hopes for the new year. For our jobseekers, goal setting is imperative to see results year round. As coaches, we encourage job seekers to set realistic expectations for their searches. To find a role where you will be happy long term, we hope you’ll consider the job search process a marathon not a sprint.  We challenge you to join our jobseeker clients to set...

10/17/2019 M Galbraith & R Levy, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers
Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems

Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems

Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems Our career coaching team, Michelle Galbraith and Rachel Levy, recently presented a workshop to the WXW – Womens Exchange of Washtenaw County on how to develop an effective introduction or elevator pitch.  This post shares some highlights from their presentation. A clear introduction is an excellent tool for job seekers, career changers, and professionals to make a strong,...

08/27/2019 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers
On Connecting, Not Networking

On Connecting, Not Networking

We regularly work with jobseekers that are subject matter experts, experienced professionals, and academic all-stars. They have deep experience, unique skills, and loads of talent to offer their next employer. And yet, many worry about the prospect of a job search and shudder at the idea of networking. They have read articles telling them that jobseekers must network but they feel wholly unprepared for the process. Their concerns include...

07/16/2019 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers
Preparing for a Leadership  Interview

Preparing for a Leadership Interview

Question: I am interviewing for a city leadership role for a nearby municipality. The interview panel is familiar with the staff I worked with in the past. How do I address questions about managing problems with city leadership? Answer: First, congratulations on being selected to interview for the position! This question impacts candidates applying to other types of jobs as well. Whether you are interviewing with another company within your...

12/19/2018 Rachel Levy opportunity-seekers
Ask Our Career Coaches: Money Now Vs. Career Plan?

Ask Our Career Coaches: Money Now Vs. Career Plan?

This question was posed by a client early in her software development career. The Question:  Recruiters from software companies have been contacting me about jobs that aren’t my dream roles, but would pay almost double what I make now. Should I stay at a company where I'm underpaid but have a job that positions me for the role I really want or take one of these jobs which pays more in a position with less relevance to the job I...

11/25/2018 Gabe Kasper opportunity-seekers

Coming Home to Economic Opportunity: The Great Lakes Bay Region

On November 21, 2018, Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) hosted more than 20 leading employers from the Great Lakes Bay Region to connect with area college students and young professionals at the first ever “Coming Home” event from Discover Great Lakes Bay. The event was scheduled to coincide with the many students coming home for Thanksgiving. Organizers aimed to encourage those students to live and work in the...

06/15/2015 opportunity-seekers

When Should You Hire a Career Coach? By Lisa Morgan

With the job market vastly improving, perhaps you’re feeling the itch to leave your current role or are already actively seeking new work.  You may have searched the job boards and even sent your resume to a few recruiters.  You may wonder, “Am I fully prepared for this search campaign?  What could a career coach do for me?”  Here are some questions to ask yourself: Do I know what I want in my next...

04/25/2015 Amy Cell opportunity-seekers

Career Opportunities in Michigan

Now is a better time than ever to explore career opportunities with startups and technology companies in Michigan.  Startup activity and Venture Capital activity has never been higher.  The variety of technologies and opportunities has never been more diverse.  And the “entrepreneurial ecosystem” has never been more robust.  There is a tremendous amount of activity all through the state!  Hot beds of activity...