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05/20/2020 Amy Cell Talent entrepreneurs

4 Steps to Get Back to Work

The number of issues facing employers as the economy springs back to life is more complex than trying to figure out how to have a socially-distanced cookout, and accommodating those who've launched a diet (à la remote-call-calorie-consumption)! Once your industry and region are able to return to work, and you have a good safety plan in place, then what? Here is a framework that we put together to try to help: (1)...

05/12/2020 publications

Top 10 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Top 10 Tips for Managing a Remote Team Communicate - Consider a daily email update to your team or a weekly town hall via Zoom. Reward - Double down on peer recognition programs. Surprise - Send your team members with children a gift box of age appropriate books or activities. Feed - Surprise your team with a meal delivered by a local delivery service. Acknowledge - Share your personal frustrations and...

05/05/2020 publications

Post Pandemic Planning - Key Notes for Employers

Welcome to Talent Tips and Tools, a new resource to help our clients and other Michigan organizations deal with the "new abnormal” of evolving issues that impact human resources. Each week we will be sharing strategic advice and curated resources to help you with the current challenges of managing your team. Post Pandemic Planning I am hopeful that we are turning the corner on COVID and entering into a new phase. This new phase...

01/06/2020 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent talent-seekers

Make Your Skills Transfer in 2020

Clients come to Amy Cell Talent at various transition points in their careers. Whether looking for new opportunities in their field, planning a career change, following a job loss, or experiencing changes in their personal lives, our clients want to find the right opportunity. Seeking professional opportunities as they respond to change, most can name their key accomplishments in prior roles. Fewer are prepared to identify how their current or...

11/25/2019 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers

Job Search New Year’s Goals that You Can Start Today

As the calendar winds down, many of us begin to think about our plans and hopes for the new year. For our jobseekers, goal setting is imperative to see results year round. As coaches, we encourage job seekers to set realistic expectations for their searches. To find a role where you will be happy long term, we hope you’ll consider the job search process a marathon not a sprint.  We challenge you to join our jobseeker clients to set...

10/27/2019 Amy Cell, Founder & CEO entrepreneurs
Startup Management and Talent Compensation

Startup Management and Talent Compensation

I am looking forward to presenting at the Michigan Angel Summit on November 12th a talk entitled, “Startup Management and Talent Compensation.”  Preparing for this presentation has been thought provoking as I reflect on the 650+ searches that my Human Resources outsourcing and recruiting firm has done over the past five years where compensation is always a key point in terms of attracting and retaining the right...

10/17/2019 M Galbraith & R Levy, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers
Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems

Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems

Activate Your Elevator Pitch with a Focus on Solving Problems Our career coaching team, Michelle Galbraith and Rachel Levy, recently presented a workshop to the WXW – Womens Exchange of Washtenaw County on how to develop an effective introduction or elevator pitch.  This post shares some highlights from their presentation. A clear introduction is an excellent tool for job seekers, career changers, and professionals to make a strong,...