03/01/2019 Amy Cell Talent press-release
Amy Cell Talent Announces the Launch of the Internship Matchmaker Program


Amy Cell Talent Announces the Launch of the Internship Matchmaker Program


Ann Arbor, Michigan - Amy Cell Talent is excited to announce the launch of the Internship Matchmaker Program, a low-cost Intern Sourcing Solution that helps employers find intern candidates looking for opportunities in Michigan this summer.


Amy Cell, CEO truly believes for a region to successfully win the talent game, a multi-pronged strategy needs to be utilized. And, one of the most effective, affordable and immediate solutions for talent is a robust college internship strategy.”


From intern job posting draft assistance to posting on college, local and statewide job boards, the Internship Matchmaker Program makes finding interns easier.

With over 75 Intern candidates already in the Program employers can immediately connect with current college students seeking internship opportunities.


Many employers express concern that the intern won’t join their firm after graduation and not worth the time to source, hire, train and mentor an intern. “In reality, the overall conversion rate for interns is above 50%. This is an excellent investment of time, with strong potential for a long-term return” states Amy Cell.


Amy Cell Talent is an experienced team of talent consultants, human resource experts and matchmakers focused on supporting Michigan companies and communities with their talent needs.


Contact Amy Cell Talent to learn more about the Internship Matchmaker Program (734-747-2936info@amycelltalent.com) or Join the Program Here

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