09/28/2018 Michelle Galbraith, Senior Career Developer publications
Empowering People to Success

Michelle joined the Amy Cell Talent team in February, 2017, but her journey in helping connect job seekers with employers began many years prior.

She started her career working in staffing retail agencies and later joined a major consumer products company in New York City. There, she worked with onboarding employees and hiring managers to recruit MBA graduates from top universities. She worked with managers and consultants investigating what hiring managers were looking for in successful employees. The skills she acquired during this time influences how she prepares job seekers from a corporate recruiter’s  perspective.

During Michelle’s time recruiting in New York, she established a relationship with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Office of Career Development, and through her networking, later went to work in the Admissions Office. She was inspired to help incoming leaders get the education they needed to be successful. She loved working with potential students, alumni and her team to identify and admit future Ross business leaders. In 2017, Michelle was told about a potential opportunity with Amy Cell Talent and was immediately brought on as a Career Counselor. Since then, Michelle has helped develop programs geared toward helping job seekers identify and realize their career goals.

My Next Move is a comprehensive, four-step experience that provides participants a guide to identifying their skill sets and strengths. Before the workshop, participants complete assessments and a questionnaire to encourage introspection. Then they attend a two-hour workshop to review the assessments and are guided through exercises to create a Career Exploration Plan. Job seekers then have homework to complete that requires personal research. The fourth step is a one-hour individual meeting that addresses the job seeker’s specific concerns and needs. This program is ideal for clients who want guidance identifying the steps they can take to complete a successful job search..

Job Search Bootcamp is a one-time event that lasts two hours. It is targeted to anyone struggling with job search details. This program provides people with a high level understanding of potential strategies and tips for their job seeker toolkit. Career Counselors who oversee the program encourage participants to objectively reevaluate their job hunting approach.

In a recent interview, Michelle was asked why she does the work she does. She said, “I love it because I get the opportunity to understand a person and their motivation. Our sessions include investigating and uncovering what people love to do at their core. I don’t tell people what to do, it is through their introspection and exercises that clients discover their next steps. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual, armed with new resources, tools and confidence, to choose their path. I love helping people tell their story and watching them realize their potential.”

Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge about job seeking, networking and helping people identify and utilize their skills. She knows that these skill take practice and that information is armor. To learn more, contact Michelle by email at Michelle@amycelltalent.com    

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