11/25/2019 Rachel Levy, Career Coach, Amy Cell Talent opportunity-seekers
Job Search New Year’s Goals that You Can Start Today

As the calendar winds down, many of us begin to think about our plans and hopes for the new year. For our jobseekers, goal setting is imperative to see results year round. As coaches, we encourage job seekers to set realistic expectations for their searches. To find a role where you will be happy long term, we hope you’ll consider the job search process a marathon not a sprint. 

We challenge you to join our jobseeker clients to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your next job search. Here are examples of how to get started in January or improve your search now.


Block out 20 minutes of your day (Monday - Friday) to research companies or organizations related to your field and associated interests. Try to learn about the company's products and services, leadership vision, training programs, locations, career trajectory, and growth trends. Depending on your industry, this could mean looking at company, organization, or municipal websites; viewing LinkedIn profiles of company employees; reading relevant industry publications; or using resources available through your alumni networks. This time doesn’t need to be formal time at your desk; on a given day your research might be casual web browsing of company websites or listening to a podcast about industry trends to  learn about companies doing interesting work. Track your progress with a list of companies you will pursue and those you are no longer considering.


At least once each week, select an organization that meets most of your criteria to learn more. At this phase, use your professional networks, including colleagues, your LinkedIn contacts, community organizations, alumni groups, and personal friends to identify two people at the company that you can contact. This outreach should be focused on learning more about the organization’s work, culture, or trajectory. It should not be a direct request for a job or direct introduction to the head of human resources. If your chat with someone at the company furthers your interest, apply to appropriate jobs as they become available. Of course, keep track of your new contacts and thank people for their time. (Really, this will help you stand out as many people skip this step.)


Attend Meetups, events, community activities, or volunteer to connect with people outside of your immediate network. For each activity, set a goal to connect with two new people. While these conversations may not lead you directly to your next role, perhaps you will learn more about an allied industry or news to share with someone else in your professional network. Then, commit to keeping in touch with new contacts regularly. Use your phone’s calendar to set reminders to send followup emails.

Adding these realistic items to your daily, weekly, and monthly routines will become a habit that we hope will expand your network and move you toward your next dream job. 


Daily: Research companies 20 minutes a day.

Weekly: Select one company to identify connections and build relationships.

Monthly: Attend at least one relevant meetup or events to develop your network.



Our team is delighted to offer a new opportunity for jobseekers to connect, build confidence for networking, and help similarly situated professionals at Career Connections and Coffee, December 11th. To learn more about ongoing support from an Amy Cell Talent career coach, please visit our Career Coaching & Job Search Assistance page. 



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