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Make Your Skills Transfer in 2020

Clients come to Amy Cell Talent at various transition points in their careers. Whether looking for new opportunities in their field, planning a career change, following a job loss, or experiencing changes in their personal lives, our clients want to find the right opportunity. Seeking professional opportunities as they respond to change, most can name their key accomplishments in prior roles. Fewer are prepared to identify how their current or previous jobs translate into new opportunities.

We’ve worked with a number of clients who are looking to bring their skills from the private sector into government, nonprofit, or socially conscious organizations. Others hope to move from large, multinational organizations into early stage or smaller companies. How do they make the move?

A good first step is to reflect on prior roles and identify key accomplishments. We ask clients to consider their underlying skills and explain how they will apply those skills to the next opportunity. 

Don’t leave a recruiter guessing at how your work experience would transfer into a new role.


Here’s what we tell them: Your goal is to understand what an employer needs in a specific position and clearly communicate how you demonstrate those skills with the examples that you share. Your skills should be described such that they address the employer’s challenges or typical pain points for the role backed by supporting stories from your work history.

Skills that we hear requested in nearly every industry and function are leadership,adaptability/flexibility, initiative, creativity, communication/presentation, and technical/analytical/quantitative skills. Within each of these broad categories, highlight your particular experience. For example, leadership is demonstrated in many ways: on large global teams, via technical project management, or through financial stewardship. To showcase technical skills, highlight recent, relevant training and projects. With management, describe your experience organizing volunteers, cross-functional teams, or office management skills. Creativity shines in different ways depending on the field; a business analyst might showcase new processes while a graphic designer might share a portfolio of successful ads. Employers often want to see presentation skills, so job seekers can demonstrate their ability to present ideas clearly to multiple audiences (clients, internal stakeholders, or prospective partners).

No matter your background, summarizing your skills and demonstrating how they apply to future roles is key. Don’t leave a recruiter guessing at how your work experience would transfer into a new role.

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