05/12/2020 publications

Top 10 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

  1. Communicate - Consider a daily email update to your team or a weekly town hall via Zoom.
  2. Reward - Double down on peer recognition programs.
  3. Surprise - Send your team members with children a gift box of age appropriate books or activities.
  4. Feed - Surprise your team with a meal delivered by a local delivery service.
  5. Acknowledge - Share your personal frustrations and challenges with the “new normal”.
  6. Wellness - Encourage meditation and gratitude. Your team is going through a LOT right now!
  7. Slack - Have a fun slack channel to provide social interaction during this time of social distancing.
  8. Assume the best - It is easy to assume that people are not working as hard as they did when you could see them, but this isn’t usually the case.
  9. Recognize - Understand that communicating via email, text and even Zoom doesn’t replace face to face, and it is easy to have misunderstandings. Give others more understanding to help compensate.
  10. Culture - Now, more than ever, focus on and reinforce the values/mission/superpowers that have made your team special and unique. You will all get through this together!

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