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Jeany Dohm

Jeany joined the Amy Cell Talent team in August 2018 and brings a wealth of ideas, enthusiasm and experience to help spearhead our marketing campaigns. She is originally from Monroe, Michigan, with a background in marketing, recruiting and writing.  From 2010 to 2016, she published a weekly newspaper that inspired her love for entrepreneurialism. Jeany holds a BBA from Cleary University (Ann Arbor) and is pursuing a Master of Science in Human Studies from Madonna University. Her best advice? When talking to hiring managers, career coaches or recruiters, ask questions again and again because knowledge is power.


Jeany Dohm

What I love about Michigan is driving “Up North.” Once you’re out of the more populated areas, you start to see - and appreciate - the beauty of nature: water, trees, rolling hills, beaches, orchards, fields, it’s all here.

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