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Lucy Binns

Lucy Binns joined Amy Cell Talent in January of 2018. She currently manages a variety of recruiting projects and our Software Talent Attraction and Retention (STAR) Program. After studying Biology at Tulane University in New Orleans, Lucy gained some light experience in manufacturing recruitment prior to joining the ACT team. Originally from Tecumseh, MI, Lucy now resides in Ypsilanti. Her best advice? When searching for postings online, make sure you search by skill (C++, MIG welding, CRM, etc.) and not just by job title. Titles can change from company to company, so you might be missing out on opportunities by limiting your search.

Lucy Binns

What I love most about Michigan is the diversity of life. Whether you're looking at plants, animals, or even people, every city, tract of farmland, and patch of woods offers something new and interesting.

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