Just Listen to These Satisfied Customers!


    ACT works in partnership with employers to connect talent and needs.  ACT is a positive part of the recruiting process, especially when HR is a department of one.  Their talented team is friendly, responsive, proactive, and genuinely driven to provide qualified candidates and assist in finding talent.


    Kim Bonilla

    Human Resources Manager NuStep, LLC Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Kristen is *amazing*. We are so pleased and delighted with the value your team is providing and her communication + approach.

    I know it was not trivial to look at two locations for us- thank you, thank you.

    Matt Van Itallie

    CEO, Sema Ann Arbor, MI

  • Working with Bhavya has been a pleasure, and everyone here (really-everyone!) is looking forward to Adrian joining the company.  I feel very good about how things went, because not only did we get a very good hire but also set up a good process for doing so. 

    Marc Gleichert

    Owner, Noir Manufacturing Company, South Lyons, Michigan

  • Bank of Ann Arbor is excited to have found a bright, eager-to-learn college student through the Matchmaker Intern Database. Our intern is delighted to spend the summer in Ann Arbor living with her grandparents and getting real world experience with us. All of the candidates we interviewed through the Matchmaker database were hungry for experience and ready to work. It was a hard choice. The database is a wonderful tool to match businesses and interns.

    Rhonda Foxworth

    Senior Administrator, Bank of Ann Arbor

  • The Intern Matchmaking recruiting event gave me an opportunity to meet students in a wider range of disciplines than I had been originally considering, and to see the strengths they could bring to TinkerTech. I went looking for an engineer and ended up hiring a prospective MBA with a background in social work.

    Michael Ploof

    Owner/Operator, TinkerTech

  • Thank you for pulling together so many well qualified candidates so quickly. We are very satisfied with the field of candidates you recruited in a very short time. 

    We already had a successful kickoff meeting with with the chosen candidate and our inventor this morning. So thanks to Amy Cell Talent we were able to hit the ground running.  You met the challenge and we consider your recruiting efforts for this project a grand success. 

    John Dieble

    M-TRAC Program Director, Innovation & Industry Engagement, Michigan Technological University

  • "LYONSCG was pleased to participate in the STAR program.  We attended an intern mixer at SPARK Central in February that was fun, well organized and attended by around 40 students, including Remington, a computer science student from U-M.  We hired him for a summer internship and he did a fantastic job for us!  We recommend the STAR program as a great way to connect with local software talent."

    Tom Henry

    Development Manager, LYONSCG