Just Listen to These Satisfied Customers!

  • The best connection I made in all of 2017 was with the Amy Cell team.  I’m thrilled to have found a great professional fit and I appreciate the opportunities and support you all offered throughout this last year.

    Ann H.

    Amy Cell Talent Client

  • THANKS for going above and beyond expectations with My Next Move.

    I believe that this has shifted my thinking and approach, and also infused a little patience in my search. Most important, it has strengthened my belief that there really is something out there for me and I have much to contribute to the right fit at the right place.


    My Next Move Client

  • Thanks very much for the help during our session yesterday. I have made a lot of progress incorporating your comments on both my resume and my Linkedin profile.

    Glenn K.

    Resume-rama & Let's Go LinkedIn Client

  • This definitely got me started in the direction I was trying to move towards.

    Thanks Michelle!

    Yvonne C.

    Resume-rama Client

  • Thank you so much Michelle! It has been a pleasure working with you during this process.  I have appreciated all of your advice, your insights and most of all your encouragement.

    Jennifer D.

    My Next Move Client

  • Just a quick note to thank you for your time and excellent feedback during our chat today.

    I've already started tweaking the resume and trying to identify some companies to target based on what we discussed.

    Thanks again!

    Mike M.

    Quick Career Chat Client

  • I met Melissa when I was embarking on a challenging career transition. I had been shopping what I thought was a good resume but getting absolutely abysmal results. Since I started working with Melissa, she completely revamped my credentials and I started getting interview requests very soon after that. To me, the highest value that Melissa brought to my job search is her amazing ability for interview prep. She conducts very insightful research and walks you through the most minute detail of what to expect from a given interviewer. After revising my credentials, I worked with Melissa on three advanced opportunities and received two offers as a result. I cannot speak any more highly of Melissa’s experience. I owe her my career restart!

    Kal M.

    Opportunity Seeker Program Client