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    Star 92 - Ann Arbor Area & Detroit

    I have experience working as a project manager, software developer [Mumps], and technical problem solver - all for the same project. I am accustomed to communicating with project executives one minute, and technical analysts the......

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  • Star 92

    Ann Arbor Area & Detroit

    I have experience working as a project manager, software developer [Mumps], and technical problem solver - all for the same project. I am accustomed to communicating with project executives one minute, and technical analysts the next (and bridging the gap between the two). I enjoy wearing all these hats, and applying skills I learn in one role to the problems of the next. I do whatever it takes to push a project forward, and fill whatever gaps I can.…

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  • Star 91

    Grand Rapids

    A technical leader with over 18 years of leadership in the financial technology space. Experience includes guiding, and participating in, areas that include product management, architecture, development, product management, DevOps, release management and technical sales. Success has been achieved through empowering teams as well as collaborating with stakeholders to ensure goals are understood and expectations are exceeded.…

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  • Star 90

    Ann Arbor, Toledo, Metro Detroit

    Physics Ph.D. student graduating in May from Brandeis University, looking to relocate to southeast Michigan. Looking for full-time data science positions or R&D opportunities. Passionate about research, data analysis, and data communication. 5+ years experience analyzing datasets with python and MATLAB. Created projects using supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods as well as deep learning methods. Skilled at presenting large data sets and results, mathematical modeling, and statistical methods. Passionate about challenging problems and finding solutions. Excited to use my skills to help a small company grow and succeed.…

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  • Star 89

    Ann Arbor, Detroit, Oakland County

    Talented Senior-Level Programmer with 17+ years’ experience in providing systems design, development, and delivery of applications and programs. Strong background in driving customer satisfaction through outstanding ability to communicate with technical and non-technical audiences. Skilled in all aspects of the software development life-cycle, from initial conception through delivery. Demonstrated expertise in developing, delivering, and supporting large programs and database management systems that enable companies to streamline processes, improve performance, and reduce overall costs. Experience with: Visual Basic 4-6, VBA, HTML, PL/SQL 7-11g, T/SQL, Uniface Proc 7-9.6, COBOL (a little), Perl (a little), Scripting: DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix, Oracle 7-11g, MS SQL…

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  • Star 88

    Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor or Metro-Detroit areas

    Software Engineer with diverse multi industry experience seeking a position to further interests in medical/biomedical systems in small and embedded systems and device control, and their connection to cloud based servers and databases. Has ability to work in both clinical and research and development environments and to appreciate technical and clinical aspects of a project. Proficient in the following development environments: Microsoft Visual Studio (C, C#, C++, and Visual Basic), SQL (mySQL and SQL Server), TOAD, Microchip MPLAB with Embedded C, Atmel Studio, HTML/cshtml, Python, Java/Arduino, Javascript, Labview, MATLAB/Scilab.…

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  • Star 84

    Ann Arbor and Detroit Metro Area

    I am a software developer that will be graduating from the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s Computer Science program with real world experience in both front end and back end development. I have produced software using many different languages and frameworks such as C++, Python, PostgreSQL, Java, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Kendo UI, HTML and CSS. I have experience programming on both Linux and Windows environments. I am most interested in fields relating to Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation and Video Game Design.…

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  • Star 77

    Ann Arbor or Detroit

    A multi-faceted High Tech Pro with more than 10 years of experience & a passion for all things digital. A Full stack technology background, excellent communication skills & an entrepreneurial spirit. Creative realization of new ideas, with the business acumen to coordinate all tech matters with top executives.…

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