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Graduate of Java, C++ and Electronics AS degrees at WCC looking for entry level software development work.  Extremely passionate about software development, hobbyist and very active in the Meetup community. 1 year of work experience in software development including two software engineering internships and college tutoring and lab aide.  BS in Biology. 3 months experience as software consultant and Linux system administrator. Very skilled with Linux/UNIX systems (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Wildfly, iptables), OOP programming with Java and Python and shell scripting. Proficient in front end and back end software development with Javascript frameworks including Angular, React, Meteor and VueJS.  Very proficient with SQL databases, Mongodb and SCM with git. Almost finished with Network and Cybersecurity degrees and proficient in these fields. Looking for entry level or internship software development positions including full-stack web, mobile, embedded.

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