Talent ID: Star 89

Talented Senior-Level Programmer with 17+ years’ experience in providing systems design, development, and delivery of applications and programs.  Strong background in driving customer satisfaction through outstanding ability to communicate with technical and non-technical audiences. Skilled in all aspects of the software development life-cycle, from initial conception through delivery. Demonstrated expertise in developing, delivering, and supporting large programs and database management systems that enable companies to streamline processes, improve performance, and reduce overall costs.

Experience with: Visual Basic 4-6, VBA, HTML, PL/SQL 7-11g, T/SQL, Uniface Proc 7-9.6, COBOL (a little), Perl (a little), Scripting: DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix,
Oracle 7-11g, MS SQL Server 7-2005, Sybase SQL Server
Uniface, Oracle Developer 2000, MS Visual Studio, MS Access

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