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    342 -  Ann Arbor

    Software Engineering executive with over 30 years of experience in big data and cloud-based SaaS solutions Skilled at building high energy DevOps teams with a focus on retention as well as recruitment. Track record managing......

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Talent Profiles

  • TALENT ID: 351

    Southeast Michigan, Midwest

    Senior finance professional with significant experience in the automotive, digital marketing, real estate, and manufacturing and distribution businesses. Skilled in strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, accounting, cash flow analysis, valuations, internal control, sales and use tax, and purchasing. Excellent partner with operating management with strong drive for results, people skills, and customer service. Implemented cloud-based ERP system. Seeking opportunity to leverage experiences in a growth-orientated firm that needs to build out its finance and accounting capabilities.…

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  • TALENT ID: 350

    Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit Area

    Results-driven Operations and General Management Executive, most recently managing the North American air pollution control equipment business unit for a Germany-based group. Leader in change and turnaround management. Track record of developing strategies to improve team morale, maximizing customer satisfaction, optimizing cross-functional business process organization and project management. Delivering stakeholder value while achieving consistent earnings performance and revenue growth.…

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  • TALENT ID: 349

    SE Michigan, Remote

    Senior Leader with a proven track record of administering projects, accelerating revenue, expanding business, and improving performance efficiency to propel achievement of defined goals. I am adept at developing plans to achieve operational and financial goals whilst reducing cost and inefficiencies. Excellent analytical, communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills; able to create a growth mindset for enabling teams to constantly grow and evolve. Experienced in Contact Centers, Operations and Operations Support functions.…

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  • TALENT ID: 348

    SE Michigan, NW Ohio, Remote

    I start up, lead, and grow small businesses as a C-level executive, entrepreneur-in-residence, and director of business incubation. My key accomplishments include starting 10 high-tech companies with engineers and scientists, raising $37 million in grant and investment funds, and growing the sales of 25 diverse, early-stage companies. I seek a C-level position in an established small business or early-stage company or a leadership position with a business incubation or funding organization.…

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  • TALENT ID: 347


    Experienced and result-oriented Marketing and Business Development professional with a record of achievement and exhibits a bias for action, demonstrating good executive presence, and has a high degree of commitment to meeting deadlines and objectives in a fast-paced environment. Education: M.S. Biotechnology. Skills: HubSpot, Salesforce, Google analytics, A/B Test, Lead Generation, Pipeline creation & optimization, WordPress, SEO, Hootsuite, Brand awareness, MS Office, JIRA, Asana, Project management, etc. Excellent communication skills and a team player.…

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  • TALENT ID: 346

    Geographically Flexible

    Seasoned CEO / CFO with a string of 5 successful exits, valued at up to $240M, including 3 turnarounds. M&A veteran with 12 completed transactions, having led 8 of them, including 2 international. Persistent fund-raiser, with >$90M raised across 7 entities utilizing all types of funding. Prolific developer of talent, having mentored 25+ leaders, including 2 women who are current software company CEOs. Looking for a tech company needing a change in leadership to work toward an exit.…

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  • TALENT ID: 345

    SE Michigan and Remote

    Are you looking for an operations and technology leader to grow a multi-location healthcare service? Do you need experience, entrepreneurial skills, and tenacious curiosity to drive a small to mid-sized business that is 1) struggling with growth, 2) needs consistency over multi-site operations, or 3) is frustrated by issues around integrating technology and processes? Extensive P&L experience, including leading a turnaround of a 35-location organization. Expertise in leading digital transformation, business development, and driving cross-functional teams.…

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  • TALENT ID: 342

     Ann Arbor

    Software Engineering executive with over 30 years of experience in big data and cloud-based SaaS solutions Skilled at building high energy DevOps teams with a focus on retention as well as recruitment. Track record managing teams that deliver on-time, quality and effective content to provide maximum customer ROI. Expertise in providing synopsis of competition as well as emerging technologies to leadership.…

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  • TALENT ID: 341

    SE Michigan and Remote 

    Software management executive with more than 20 years experience bringing new products to market in dynamic business environments ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. Successfully launched three major product lines with peak annual revenues ranging from $15M to $50M. Skilled at building new teams of product experts and negotiating with Engineering to deliver products that drive long term customer engagement. Excel at creating product visions that support overall corporate strategies and deliver customer value while maximizing portfolio profitability.…

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  • TALENT ID: 340

    Ann Arbor Area and Remote

    Trained physician with extensive experience in the healthcare reimbursement and utilization management space as medical director, complemented with significant software development background and interoperability standards expertise with FHIR protocol and Direct Trust messaging. Passionate about healthcare innovation with a track record of demonstrated results in a startup environment.…

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  • TALENT ID: 335

    Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit, Remote

    Trusted business partner with 20 years of Sales, Training, Technology, and Communications experience and a track record of delivering passionate messages and ideas that resonate internally and externally, leading with innate ability to utilize an extensive array of presentation, technical, and relationship facilitation core competencies. Known for having a unique blend of Business astuteness that positively contributes to the profitability of an organization, always with a fresh, creative, and unique perspective to work at hand.…

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  • TALENT ID: 330


    Transformational entrepreneurial focused Executive with expertise across business operations serving global Fortune 1000, government, education, and high-growth startups. Expanding competitiveness by shaping product/market tactics, forming new distribution channels, strategic partners, and international expansion. Dedicated career to growing companies, inspiring talent, raising capital, and building leading-edge products, and as strategic advisor to c-suite. Deep technical and software industry experience. Passion for building great teams, coalitions across organizations, driving innovation and change, and inspiring people to be their best.…

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  • TALENT ID: 329


    Need a CTO/Technical Co-founder? A key resource in the software space is exploring a way to put their passion for technology to good use. They have a track record of launching and managing software, and supporting and developing teams - a true software player/coach.…

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  • TALENT ID: 318

    Grand Rapids

    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST obsessed with growing business opportunities and customer success. Are you seeking a dedicated, driven individual who has a proven track record of identifying pain points and translating product benefits into sales opportunities? Do you need someone on your team who is energized, trustworthy, and business development savvy? If yes, this candidate brings: SALES - Extensive experience with established network and strategies. INNOVATION - Entrepreneurial background, adaptable leader, unique creator of benefits/pricing AWARENESS - Brand producer, cultural architect, and building alignment with sales/marketing…

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  • TALENT ID: 312

    Ann Arbor Area

    Accomplished Operations Director with consistent track record of increasing manufacturing operations revenue and profitability. A results-focused leader with multi-sector global experience, including manufacturing services, automotive supply chain, metal finishing and strategic expansion. Proven ability to lead business units from $28M to $140M in revenue with teams of 200+ members. Experienced change agent with expertise in transforming, expanding and launching operations. Takes a hands-on approach aligning teams on Safety, Quality and Employee engagement. Enjoys building collaborative partnerships, cultivating trust, respect and a positive team culture both within the company and the local community. Looking to partner with a dynamic, energetic and…

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  • TALENT ID: 311

    Midwest, West Michigan, Ann Arbor

    R&D scientist, team lead, experienced in analytical instrument, algorithm, and method development for the routine and regulated clinical markets seeking opportunities to help bring new analytic or diagnostic instrument technologies from the research lab to the market. Ph.D. in physics (biophysics), with strong interdisciplinary competence and recent emphasis on mass spectrometry and experiment design automation and further experience with microscopy, micromanipulation, and modeling. Proficient in lab bench technique, scientific and instrument programming (incl. Agile), and FMEA/risk analysis.…

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  • TALENT ID: 306

    SE Michigan/Open to Midwest

    Multilingual Product Development and Business Strategy expert and automotive engineer looking to apply Silicon Valley experience in IOT connected cars and self-driving to business strategy roles or cultivating relationships between auto OEMs and technology companies in Southeast Michigan or other parts of the Midwest. I solve high-level, ambiguous problems, research business and industry trends, and define resources (e.g. people, budget, time) needed for success. As an engineer, I stress test my ideas and use data to demonstrate the efficacy of my solutions. I am a change agent. Ross MBA and M.Eng (Manufacturing), University of Michigan; BS (Mechanical Engineering) Harvard University.…

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  • TALENT ID: 223

    Metro Detroit

    Sales - My background shows demonstrated success with both early-stage companies and large enterprises, with a consistent theme of building highly effective sales organizations in the SaaS and Enterprise Applications space. Considered an expert in leading global sales, customer success, and service delivery teams. Throughout my career, I have focused on creating positive team cultures that lead to broad vertical success. Turn around of multiple under-performing sales teams through hiring of top talent, front-line leadership, enablement, coaching and execution. Have built, lead, and transformed sales organizations from less than $20 million to $150 million plus in annual revenue, while driving…

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