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    321 - East Lansing, Oakland, Macomb, Metro Detroit, and SE Michigan

    Chief Operating Officer, Executive Sales Leader or Executive Operations Leader. Ivy League educated who's adept at delivering value across several industries. Emphasizes process and collaborates with great people to manage them. Savvy technologist who incorporates......

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  • TALENT ID: 325

    Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas

    Medical R&D operational manager with a passion for the Business of Science. A DVM, Ph.D. and U.S. Army Captain. As a member of a Command team, strategizes the operational, financial and scientific direction of the institute, and is the programmatic lead for the COVID-19 research portfolio. Has led multiple divisions executing basic to preclinical research. An award-winning scientific communicator and interdisciplinary team leader whose drive is to solve problems and to identify and advance products.…

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  • TALENT ID: 324


    CTO/VICE-PRESIDENT, ENGINEERING &INNOVATION. Strengths include • Commercialization of early/mid-stage technology • Building high-performance teams and inspiring them to over-achieve • Significant contributor to strategic direction and plan. PROVEN success at start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations and in high reliability and regulated environments applying diverse skills to new problem spaces. BROAD TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE in IoT, software, cloud, hardware, medical devices and disposables, consumer products, electromechanical systems and sensors, microfluidic and nanotech systems networks, and manufacturing process automation.…

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  • TALENT ID: 323

    Ann Arbor Area (also open to West Michigan for the right opportunity)

    Successful business development professional with twenty-five years of experience growing revenue for both manufacturing and software firms. A Board Director and senior leader who makes innovative contributions to an organization’s strategic vision; manages important relationships; and directs the sales and service teams to meet client needs. An exceptional listener who develops strong personal relationships and strategic partnerships built on integrity and trust. A well-respected, positive leader who motivates teams to exceed their goals.…

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  • TALENT ID: 322

    Southeast Michigan Area

    Ivy League Ph.D. education in machine learning and data science with experience in autonomous ground robots. Formerly a USAF Rescue Specialist, now living in the Ann Arbor area looking to work in autonomous vehicle research. After 12 years of military experience and over a decade of college education, I am looking for meaningful work. On the engineering side, I have top notch electronics troubleshooting skills, am great at debugging code, and getting complex systems to function properly. On the personnel side, I have excellent teamwork skills, capable of setting agendas, professionally conducting meetings, and executing the agreed upon plan. I…

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  • TALENT ID: 321

    East Lansing, Oakland, Macomb, Metro Detroit, and SE Michigan

    Chief Operating Officer, Executive Sales Leader or Executive Operations Leader. Ivy League educated who's adept at delivering value across several industries. Emphasizes process and collaborates with great people to manage them. Savvy technologist who incorporates applications for digital client experiences and improved efficiencies. As comfortable creating strategy in the boardroom, meeting with clients as they are being in the trenches with any and all company personnel. Financially focused and seeks to maximize ROI without being reckless and ruthless. Develops and measures Key Performance Indicators and incorporates into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily communications with teams and company wide. Known for…

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  • TALENT ID: 320

    Ann Arbor Area

    Sales/account management professional that has been an independent business development consultant and technology recruiter for several NYC clients. Strategic and engaged cross-functional leader. Proficient in lead generation, prospecting campaigns, targeted messaging, client engagement, technology sourcing/recruiting and account management. Experience generating leads and positioning organizations to sign enterprise clients. Master in Business Administration and Bachelors in Industrial and Labor Relations.…

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  • TALENT ID: 319

    Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit, or Remote

    Project Manager and Software Engineer interested in interdisciplinary teams and projects in technology and/or the arts. Experience managing teams of programmers, researchers, and musicians. Languages include Java, C, and full-stack web development. Data analysis and modeling experience in Excel, R, and SPSS. Excellent at learning new skills and software. Praised for collaborative abilities, analytical thinking, and creativity in many areas. Bachelors from Oberlin College & Conservatory and Masters from University of Michigan.…

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  • TALENT ID: 318

    Grand Rapids

    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT team member obsessed with growing business opportunities and customer success. Are you seeking a dedicated, driven individual who has a proven track record of identifying pain points and translating product benefits into sales opportunities? Do you need someone on your team who is energized, trustworthy, and business development savvy? If yes, this candidate brings: AWARENESS - Brand promoter focused on benefits that solve problems SALES - Increased profits through “wow” factors that change lives INNOVATION - Agile minded leader with resourceful business acumen PASSION - Customer success, increased revenue, aligning sales with marketing efforts Plans to move back…

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  • TALENT ID: 317

    Metro Detroit

    Chief Science Officer and Chief Technical Officer with business acumen and P&L experience. Collaborative and customer-focused leader. Name recognition within dietary supplements, U.S. professional sports nutrition, and anti-doping industries. Proficient in developing short- and long-term growth strategies with key performance indicators for multiple business units and leading research & development activities. Experience managing hundreds of employees in global business units and completing international acquisitions. Board of Directors experience. Doctorate of Toxicology and Master of Nutritional Biochemistry.…

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  • TALENT ID: 316

    Southeast Michigan, Willing to Travel

    Highly strategic and results-focused Senior HR Executive who works closely with senior leaders to define business strategy and goals, then directs enterprise resources to the key talent and teams that will deliver on stated strategic outcomes. Actively coaches and influences leaders to be superior talent managers and developers, driving a positive and essential talent culture throughout the organization. Delivers human capital initiatives that drive organizational growth and improve profitability and performance.…

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  • TALENT ID: 315

    Grand Rapids or Remote

    Seasoned Technologist, multiple-cofounder with a record of building successful teams and products. From bespoke enterprise software to custom IoT devices, blazing a path to success is my stock-in-trade. Whether Fortune-20 or mom and pop, small teams to 40+ Engineers, I am comfortable identifying and producing the simplest-thing that works, whatever the problem space. Experience across multiple industries, including Oil and Gas automation, Heavy Equipment maintenance and management, and fitness tracking technology, I chase interesting problems.…

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  • TALENT ID: 314

    Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit Area, Remote

    Got CRM? Designer and team leader with record of applying best practices to customize Customer Relationship Management tools. Over ten years of design and development of a custom practice management application and in Salesforce combines both high-level analysis and implementation skills to fill multiple roles in and focus on specific needs of your business. Experience across multiple industries as an independent consultant and full-time employee adds broad perspective to your team.…

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  • TALENT ID: 313

    Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area

    Software management executive with more than 20 years experience bringing new products to market in dynamic business environments ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. Successfully launched three major product lines with peak annual revenues ranging from $15M to $50M. Skilled at building new teams of product experts and negotiating with Engineering to deliver products that drive long term customer engagement. Excels at creating product visions that support overall corporate strategies and deliver customer value while maximizing portfolio profitability.…

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  • TALENT ID: 312

    Ann Arbor Area

    Accomplished Operations Director with consistent track record of increasing manufacturing operations revenue and profitability. A results-focused leader with multi-sector global experience, including manufacturing services, automotive supply chain, metal finishing and strategic expansion. Proven ability to lead business units from $28M to $140M in revenue with teams of 200+ members. Experienced change agent with expertise in transforming, expanding and launching operations. Takes a hands-on approach aligning teams on Safety, Quality and Employee engagement. Enjoys building collaborative partnerships, cultivating trust, respect and a positive team culture both within the company and the local community. Looking to partner with a dynamic, energetic and…

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  • TALENT ID: 311

    Midwest, Western Michigan, Ann Arbor

    R&D scientist, team lead, experienced in analytical instrument, algorithm, and method development for the routine and regulated clinical markets seeking opportunities to help bring new analytic or diagnostic instrument technologies from the research lab to the market. Ph.D. in physics (biophysics), with strong interdisciplinary competence and recent emphasis on mass spectrometry and experiment design automation and further experience with microscopy, micromanipulation, and modeling. Proficient in lab bench technique, scientific and instrument programming (incl. Agile), and FMEA/risk analysis.…

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  • TALENT ID: 310

    Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit Area

    They are a first-year master's student at the University of Michigan School of Information focusing on User Experience Design and Research. Before starting their master's degree, they worked as an actor and writer in New York City and is now applying that same creative process to their work as a User Experience Designer. They are currently looking for a Summer internship opportunity where they can work on a collaborative team in a small-mid size startup environment.…

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  • TALENT ID: 309

    Metro Detroit Area

    An international Executive with R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Business Development accomplishments and a world class track record of delivering results, influencing, inspiring, and leading people to successfully deliver complex, high-profile projects across multinational automotive and appliance companies. Products include metal, plastic, rubber, and electronic components as well as systems related to automotive and household appliances. A people-oriented, results-focused leader who has developed best-practice and highly transferable skills through working at multinational companies in cross-functional management and executive roles.…

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  • TALENT ID: 308

    Southeast Michigan

    Current student studying Data Science at Lambda School. Former early childhood educator looking to transition into machine learning engineering and data science. AI will impact pedagogy and the future economy. Therefore, I want to immerse myself in the ML field, even if it's not directly related to youth education. University of Michigan 2017, School of Education alumnus. I have taken and aced up to Calculus 1 at UMich, and am not intimidated by core math and sciences. In fact, it's one of the reasons I look forward to diving into this I can flex my math brain again after…

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  • TALENT ID: 307


    Results' driven Senior Global Marketer with over 15 years' experience in the UK and US. Currently living in the UK and looking to get involved in a global project with an anchor in Michigan. Background in demand generation, content marketing strategies and implementation, social media marketing and marketing operations. Successfully built marketing teams for global companies including restricted brands. B2B and B2C experience. Seeking an opportunity to help expanding companies grow and succeed.…

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  • TALENT ID: 306

    Southeast Michigan/Open to Midwest

    Multilingual Product Development and Business Strategy expert and automotive engineer looking to apply Silicon Valley experience in IOT connected cars and self-driving to business strategy roles or cultivating relationships between auto OEMs and technology companies in Southeast Michigan or other parts of the Midwest. I solve high-level, ambiguous problems, research business and industry trends, and define resources (e.g. people, budget, time) needed for success. As an engineer, I stress test my ideas and use data to demonstrate the efficacy of my solutions. I am a change agent. Ross MBA and M.Eng (Manufacturing), University of Michigan; BS (Mechanical Engineering) Harvard University.…

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  • TALENT ID: 305

    Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor Area / Open to Relocation

    Senior Product Marketing Director: Connected / Automated / Autonomous Vehicles including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Wireless and IoT. Technology leader who thrives in challenging, fast-paced organizations delivering advanced technology systems, solutions, architecture and applications. Rich mix of business management and technology with the ability to lead multiple marketing teams through accelerated project development to meet performance goals, operating requirements and financial objectives. Expertise in developing high energy teams, instituting policy and standards, and improving overall capabilities. Strong team problem-solving and solution building skills.…

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  • TALENT ID: 304


    High energy organizational leader with background in marketing, communications, business development and organizational leadership. More than 20 years of experience obtained in global advertising agencies, professional service firms, regional associations and my own consulting practice. Expertise in marketing strategy, branding and digital communications; pursuit development, sales coaching and pipeline management; crisis communications, corporate communications and external relations; and aligning and achieving organizational goals through an investment in the people and systems needed to support desired outcomes. Proven ability to grow revenue and engagement. Resourceful, bold, collaborative and wired to exceed expectations by leveraging a well-honed approach of strategic thinking and…

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  • TALENT ID: 303

    Detroit/Ann Arbor/Michigan

    Goal-oriented leader with strong science and education background of 25 years. Robust history of peer-reviewed publications and funding. Proven track-record of team building and streamlining of resources with enhanced productivity. Extensive experience and skills in development and oversight of policy and programs, grants, budgets, contract management, and auditing processes. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Dynamic and pragmatic disposition for successful problem-solving. Value-driven team-oriented leadership, focus employee motivation on outcome based performance, maximize employee potential; foster high ethical standards.…

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  • TALENT ID: 302

    Geographically flexible based on the right opportunity

    Chief Financial Officer and senior executive with 15+ years of experience implementing global strategies that optimize processes, maximize revenue and drive business value. Lead financial and accounting activities including budgeting and forecasting, cash flow, debt, and capital structure, strengthening relationships with stakeholders and banks alike. Direct FP&A, reporting, accounting, cash management, and forecasting initiatives, ensuring all processes adhere to GAAP standards. Optimize data analytics and technology to strengthen decision-making, improving processes and implementing cash management controls that maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Forge collaborative partnerships, cultivating trust, respect and a positive corporate culture across all organizational levels. Background includes mergers…

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  • TALENT ID: 301

    Detroit – Ann Arbor – Surrounding Areas

    Experienced client success/account manager with a background in multiple client-centric technology platforms, including retail recommendation/CRM solutions, payment solutions and logistics connectivity. Strong ability to ramp up quickly on new platforms, streamline internal process’ to meet client’s quarterly and yearly goals (i.e. profits, efficiency, new users). I pride myself and on being able to easily build relationships with all departments within the organization to ensure trust amongst my peers. Key Skills Include: Full Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Salesforce, JIRA, and Zendesk.…

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  • TALENT ID: 299

    Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas

    Skilled Engineer with a strong background in design and development of manufacturable products within the medical device industry. Throughout my career as a researcher and engineer at an academic environment, and industry level, I developed key skills ideal for startups. I have a strong technical proficiency in CAD design, Signal Processing, Medical Device Regulations, Design Control and Risk Assessment, and 3D-printing. Complementary to my technical abilities, I am also highly adept in leadership, teamwork, and communication. I can strategically prioritize, set agendas, and make bold initiatives. I work well with people of diverse backgrounds towards common goals and am a…

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  • TALENT ID: 298

    Southeast Michigan but open to commuting

    Compensation and Benefits executive with 25+ years experience in human resources management for companies with 8,000 to 30,000 employees. Excellent strategist with strong analytical and problem solving abilities that result in innovative solutions to complex planning. Excels in evaluating financials, identifying opportunities, and designing and implementing customized solutions with a focus on communication, customer service, compliance and technology. Demonstrates strong collaboration skills with all levels of management. Leads through coaching and mentoring to ensure achievement of organization’s values, missions and goals.…

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  • TALENT ID: 297

    Southeast Michigan; Southern California

    Innovative and inspiring collaborator with a leapfrog technology mindset focused on technical alignment for thermal energy storage applications across industries. Developing fast-track pathways shaped by emerging technical risks, changes in resources / capabilities, and their impact on deliverables. Creating win-win scenarios that drive repeat funding (sponsored projects). Building and supporting technical alignment among diverse collaborators (universities, prototype developers, production suppliers). Balancing sponsor expectations and project deliverables. Consultant, remote, and fractional engagements welcome.…

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  • TALENT ID: 296

    Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas

    Results-driven marketing executive offering over 25 years of global experience in the B2B SaaS software industry from start-ups to global enterprises. Demonstrated track record in growing brands and transforming the marketing function for growth-stage organizations through the combination of exceptional leadership skills and deep domain experience in building strategic marketing plans, messaging, thought leadership and demand generation engines with supporting mar-tech stack and marketing analytics. Successfully help companies position themselves to drive customer acquisition and value.…

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  • TALENT ID: 294

    Ann Arbor + flexible commute or Remote and up to 40% travel

    Executive experienced on both sides of the profit equation; revenue growth (through STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT), and cost/quality improvement (through PROCESS IMPROVEMENT). Extensive PROGRAM MANAGEMENT experience - developing, leading and leveraging high-performing, cross-functional teams (both internal & external resources) in pursuit of critical organizational objectives. Numerous examples of success where others had tried and failed. All with a passion for mentoring/ developing others while continuing to grow my own skills. These skill sets have been honed across a wide range of industries, business models and professional environments, including Energy/Utilities, Real Estate, and Automotive. BS-Civil Engineering and MBA.…

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  • TALENT ID: 293

    Southeast Michigan

    Senior manufacturing engineer and operations manager looking for a new opportunity that will let me use my wide range of experience in solving problems in the automotive and technology industries. My strong technical background combined with a touch of business acumen - thanks to a graduate engineering degree which required multiple classes at Ross Business School - allow me to seamlessly transition from implementing improvement ideas on the existing production floor to discussing capital investment and growth strategies.…

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  • TALENT ID: 292

    Metro Detroit Area, Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Collaboration and improvement strategist, diagnostic problem solver - successfully leading and managing multi-million-dollar engineering businesses, increasing profitability, growing revenue, and diversifying the business into new markets. Highly comfortable leading change and innovation. Leadership style based on trust, respect and accountability - utilizing the positive impact of appreciation on motivation and productivity, and stimulating growth, attracting talent and generating new marketplace opportunities through diversity of thought.…

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  • TALENT ID: 291

    Ann Arbor Southeast Michigan

    Experienced Iife sciences professional, helping biopharma, med tech and diagnostics companies meet commercial and R&D challenges while navigating the convergence of healthcare, disruptive technology, and market forces. Current consulting role includes market analysis, business strategy, data analytics and operational modeling. Prior experience included business analysis in venture capital and process development at a major research institute. Degrees in Biochemistry (Michigan) and MBA (Columbia). Seeking opportunities to help a vibrant and growing company succeed.…

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  • TALENT ID: 290

    Ann Arbor and Surrounding Area, Remote Preferred

    Data scientist/analyst, business intelligence provider, and consultant. Clients I've helped make data-driven decisions include automotive OEMs that are now aware of potentially disruptive technologies, a website that's now the authority box on Google, major universities that can disseminate information quicker, and sports organizations that are finding new ways to win. Years of programming and engineering experience combined with years of project management and consulting experience allow me to understand and take any project to completion. I work well with others and quickly learn and appropriately apply new technologies when asked to do so. Hire me to help you understand what's…

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  • TALENT ID: 289

    Detroit, Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing

    Entrepreneur/Executive- Founder of several angel/venture-backed companies, this startup executive has extensive expertise in technology incubation, commercialization and fundraising with investor relationships throughout the Midwest. Proven record as an entrepreneur in multiple industries including tech, software and consumer products with earlier corporate roles in sales, business development, and engineering. High technical aptitude with decades of business leadership experience. Has been a commercial SBIR reviewer for NSF, and has taught at the college and MBA level. Seeking fulltime role in Detroit or Ann Arbor, but will consider advisory or consultative roles.…

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  • TALENT ID: 287

    Ann Arbor Area

    Seasoned Technology Leader, PhD in computer science, seeking new opportunity in the Ann Arbor area to build, mentor a development team, and bring to life the next big technology idea. With over 19 years in the software space; this seasoned technologist and lead architect has a proven record of delivering results in dynamic environments across multiple teams. Experience working in both large global organizations as well as nimble startups, adjusting from strategic planning to solution implementation. Inspiring leader and mentor who builds highly effective teams. Passionate about utilizing data insights to drive decisions. Works with owners, stakeholders and executives to…

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  • TALENT ID: 286

    SE Michigan, Open to Flexible Commute

    Strong change agent, creative thinker, and leader with a diverse background. Chief of staff to CEO, management consulting, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, with leadership roles within procurement. Strengths are in designing and executing strategy, managing and leading others through change, and delivering strongly the fundamentals of procurement, including materials savings and risk reduction. Worked with C-suites and direct reports regularly for the past 7 years. Special passion for finding and developing new talent with an emphasis on collaboration. Over 10 years' experience working for large international companies, and traveling extensively around the globe to overseas suppliers. Recently relocated to…

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  • TALENT ID: 283

    Southeast Michigan, Midwest

    Senior finance professional with significant experience in the automotive, digital marketing, real estate, and manufacturing and distribution businesses. Skilled in strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, accounting, cash flow analysis, valuations, internal control, sales and use tax, and purchasing. Excellent partner with operating management with strong drive for results, people skills, and customer service. Implemented a cloud-based ERP system. Seeking an opportunity to leverage experiences in a growth-orientated firm that needs to build out its finance and accounting capabilities.…

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  • TALENT ID: 281

    Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, willing to relocate

    Adept at leading large-scale teams and launching new engine control products for major automotive company. Successful in managing innovation development, venture capital resources, and sustainability driven organizations. Invested in IoT, semi-conductors, lab-on chip, smart hardware, and enterprise software companies. Expert at the intersection of technology innovation, products, strategy, and capital. Looking for roles in business development, product management, corporate strategy, innovation, consulting or sustainability. University of Michigan Graduate: Ross MBA, MS Environmental Science, and BS Mechanical Engineering.…

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  • TALENT ID: 278

    Ann Arbor and surrounding area, Open to Remote/Travel

    Results-driven sales program professional with a history of success in sales, solutions, and customer success by way of instructor-led, virtual, and online training. Highly skilled in revenue generation through training, quota achievement, team leadership, and execution of innovative programs. Known for the ability to collaborate with end-users, IT personnel, and resellers to solve complex issues. Uniquely experienced in small start-up cultures and, though multiple acquisitions, large corporate environments. Key skills include: Program Management - Software and Technology - Curriculum Development - Problem solving - Solution Selling - Hardware, Software and Services Sales - Channel Knowledge.…

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  • TALENT ID: 276


    Health care operator with experience building profitable, scalable, multi-location healthcare services businesses with a strong customer service orientation and repeatable and scalable clinical and operational infrastructures. Accomplished strong growth and financial performance through: Development of exceptional teams Fostering a culture of integrity, accountability and fairness and a collaborative leadership environment Driving top and bottom-line growth through the promotion of customer loyalty created by employee engagement and continuous improvement…

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  • TALENT ID: 234

    Oakland County, Michigan Area

    Senior Management Executive with a true hybrid background that spans strategy, channel development, strategic alliances, go-to-market, consulting, product development, digital marketing, and finance. Innovative leader able to excel in diverse environments, ranging from large multinational corporations to startups to mid-sized consulting firms. Accomplishments include: Increased revenue by 65% and margin by 8% by cultivating previously unrealized relationships, delivering strategy and positioning for new solutions. Catapulted an underperforming OEM sales territory into one consistently ranked in the top 5% nationally. Re-engineered a financial reporting process for 10 strategic business units to increase efficiency by three days per month.…

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  • TALENT ID: 266

    Detroit Metro / Ann Arbor Area

    Passionate and driven customer focused relationship executive managing executive relationships and support for Fortune 2000 CPG customers. Specialties are defining customer strategies, establishing relationships, and restructuring support operations and workflows to best suit customer needs leading to significant enhancements in services and performance metrics. Recognized for ability to identify service and support opportunities and motivate internal and customer teams to deliver industry-leading performance with software integration and data analytics.…

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  • TALENT ID: 261

    Lower Michigan, Open to Travel and Telecommute

    CxO with 30+ years of experience who recently exited his most recent venture seeking ‘the next thing’. Have worked across multiple industries including advanced manufacturing, e-commerce, alternative energy, medical devices, and specialty materials. Skillset spans most aspects of startup operations, with specific strengths in the areas of identifying product-market fit, transitioning early-stage technologies into viable products, and operations management. Broad technical background with particular expertise in mechatronics/robotic systems. Enjoy mentoring upcoming talent and seek opportunities that impact society in a positive way.…

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  • TALENT ID: 256

    Greater Detroit / Ann Arbor / Grand Rapids Areas

    Customer focused Sales and Marketing Executive with proven record achieving business results. Deep experience with: aligning strategy development and deployment for emerging, growing and mature businesses; building and leading multi-channel sales and marketing teams; employing Objective and Key Result (OKR) management to drive growth; product development and product management; go-to-market planning and execution; inspiring a culture of innovation and continuous improvement; developing talent, coaching and mentoring. Available for contract, permanent or advisory roles.…

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  • TALENT ID: 231

    SE Michigan (Open)

    Experienced Energetic Executive - Seeking next challenge for a startup or small company organization to execute and lead team to the next level. Results oriented and courageous leader with a strong sense of urgency to drive operational and financial initiatives in a fast pace working environment. Well versed in navigating around various organizational diversified cultures at all levels. Expertise in operations and finance in private and quasi-governmental organizations in managing cash flow, saving money, setting up controls and creating standard operating procedures.…

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  • TALENT ID: 223


    Sales - My background shows demonstrated success with both early-stage companies and large enterprises, with a consistent theme of building highly effective sales organizations in the SaaS and Enterprise Applications space. Considered an expert in leading global sales, customer success, and service delivery teams. Throughout my career, I have focused on creating positive team cultures that lead to broad vertical success. Turn around of multiple under-performing sales teams through hiring of top talent, front-line leadership, enablement, coaching and execution. Have built, lead, and transformed sales organizations from less than $20 million to $150 million plus in annual revenue, while driving…

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