Talent ID: 321

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Sales Leader or Executive Operations Leader. Ivy League educated who's adept at delivering value across several industries. Emphasizes process and collaborates with great people to manage them. Savvy technologist who incorporates applications for digital client experiences and improved efficiencies. As comfortable creating strategy in the boardroom, meeting with clients as they are being in the trenches with any and all company personnel. Financially focused and seeks to maximize ROI without being reckless and ruthless. Develops and measures Key Performance Indicators and incorporates into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily communications with teams and company wide. Known for a fun and thorough communication style along with impeccable ethics and is always two steps ahead yet is always in tune with day to day activity. Can provide innumerable quantifiable successes and confidence yet freely admits to mistakes and commensurate humility. Lives to see the team and company thrive!

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