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Growth and Product Leader- Product & service business leader with extensive international experience who loves to be part of a dynamic team. Are you seeking someone to take full ownership of a growth opportunity in a new vertical? I have formulated, led, and launched product growth strategies in new verticals. Do you have a struggling product or service that needs leadership? I have experience in reinvigorating product portfolios and capturing maximum value capture at end of life. Are you deciding when, where, and how to pursue international growth? I have experience in selecting the best-fit countries, laying the regulatory & legal groundwork, selecting in-country channel partners, designing the marketing plan, and launching the offering. Are you frustrated with underperforming international results? I have also evaluated channel partners, redesigned products & services, and overhauled marketing mixes. I have lived and/or worked in Asia, Europe and South Africa. I have a University of Michigan engineering degree and Ross MBA both with honors, AND I am willing to roll up my sleeves to do whatever needs doing!

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