Michigan Technology Company Compensation Survey

We are thinking about launching a compensation survey to provide current market data about salary and benefits to help Michigan startups and second stage/growth businesses. This is not an easy undertaking, so the first thing that we want to do is a little “customer discovery” to determine interest.

If you are interested, please fill out the very brief survey by May 31, 2019. If there is strong interest, we will proceed.  

Complete the survey here.

Survey Program Details

Who: Amy Cell Talent, in partnership with Scott Trossen at Michigan HR Group, would design and implement the survey.

What: This would be a resource with current market data from other similar companies and can help you in terms of attracting and retaining talent by understanding how much similar companies are paying.

Where: This would be for Michigan employers.

When: This would take place over the next three months, with results available to participating companies in late summer/early fall.

Why: It is hard and/or expensive for most companies to find accurate compensation information that is targeted to startups and growth stage companies.

How: One key commitment is that the name of you company or staff will not in any way be linked to your pay and benefits data.  Data privacy is very important to us.

Cost: There would be a fee, likely around $250-500.