COVID Connections

FREE connections to FREE advisors and mentors!

Small businesses have never seen anything like the current pandemic and need help. Many are rethinking their business models, markets, product lines, strategic plans, supply chains, and other critical strategic and operational issues.   

Now more than ever, businesses need advisors, mentors and consultants.

Through our initiatives in the entrepreneurial ecosystem we have connected with hundreds of experts that are passionate about helping startups and small businesses thrive. Most of these connections are willing to donate their expertise as an advisor or resource. They want to help!

Now, we will do what we do best - connect people to opportunity!  We will post the opportunities on our website, circulate requests among our Startup Talent Network, and make qualified introductions.  

To get started, send me a short paragraph about the help that you are seeking. We will take it from there.


Chief Matchmaker


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