People Services Support

Let us become your full service talent acquisition and HR partner providing a full range of services and support.  We become part of your team by meeting all of your talent needs; including:

  • Talent Acquisition: Interviewing, Checking references, Assisting with salary recommendations and negotiations, Relocation, Spousal/partner support, College and entry-level recruitment strategy and implementation
  • Organization Design/Development/Planning: Writing job descriptions
  • Designing job orientations and training programs, performance management, compensation & benefits consulting, culture development and anything else that you can think of that will help you grow and support your team!  We have a deep bench of partners that can be brought in to help, too.

Recent examples have included:

  • Helping a large property management company implement a training program.
  • Helping a manufacturing organization grow and restructure, resulting in the addition of a quality function.
  • Helping a consulting firm work through an expansion plan to add addional sales resources.
  • Helping a fast growing services firm restructure payroll and HRIS processes.
  • Provided a bakery, design and manufacturing firms with an overview of HR processes and tools in a checklist format, in order to prioritize future people program efforts.