People Partner Program

People Partner Program

Human resources services customized for your startup or small business

  • Are you concerned about attracting, retaining and developing your team?
  • Are there any nagging human resources projects that you don’t have time to deal with?
  • Do you have a new manager that could use some training and support?

If these, or dozens of other people issues are keeping you up at night, we can help!

Amy Cell Talent has a People Partner Program to help small businesses and startups have broad and strategic support for your biggest asset - your team. Add our dozens of years of Human Resources expertise and knowledge to work for you through a subscription model where we really get to know your business and focus on your key needs as they arise, as well as proactively.

People Partner Program - $500 (per month)

Each month we will meet with you for a one hour People Strategy Session to review key business and people issues.  We will also review current and future hiring needs, and any potential issues or problems that your team is facing. Based on your needs for the month, we will identify specific activities or projects and we will get to work spending three hours per month that can be used for a wide range of people support including:  

  • Organization Effectiveness:  We can survey your team to determine the level of engagement and to identify potential issues and opportunities. We can work with you to articulate company values and to create a high performing team culture.
  • Team Relations:  If there are conflicts within your team, we can help the manager get to the root cause and help develop solutions. We can help address and support needs around Gender Transitions, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and other topics to ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported. We can also organize fun team events and activities such as a recruiting open house, company picnic or employee appreciation event.
  • People Development:  We can provide coaching and support to help people be their best. We can provide new supervisors with a two hour new supervisor training/coaching session. We can recommend training resources for your team.
  • People Support:  We can connect your team to great resources to help manage childcare, eldercare and other life issues that can impact work.
  • People Policy:  We can create and maintain an employee handbook, and help draft policies and encourage practices that help team members understand expectations and align behaviors with the needs of your company. We can do an I-9 audit and review files.  We can help review laws such as Family Medical Leave Act and the American Disabilities Act to help you understand how these apply to your company.
  • Compensation:  We can help you determine compensation ranges and understand internal equity. We can provide you with a compensation report and analysis for a specific position.
  • Benefits:  We will review your benefit plans and provide recommendations on providers and levels. We will provide guidance on flextime and paid time off approaches, too.
  • Talent Acquisition:  We can help you determine your brand and talent pipeline strategies.  We can help you figure out how to grow your organization and to restructure roles and responsibilities as you grow, merge or change strategic direction. We can write and update job descriptions. We can help onboard and orient new team members.
  • People Systems: We can help you figure out the right payroll, applicant tracking, time tracking or Human Resources Information System to use.

In addition to direct services and support, you will have access to a library of resources including:

  • Employee handbook template
  • Original whitepapers and tip sheets
  • Real time compensation and talent supply/demand report

But wait, there’s more! You also receive:

  • Free pass to our quarterly Cold Brews and Career Connections Talent Mixer held in Ypsilanti.
  • Access to our Intern Matchmaker Database so that you can find college interns.
  • Access to the Michigan Talent Network database, so you can find consultants and advisors.
  • Three AfterWork passes for your interns so that they have fun things to do over the summer.

To Learn More

To learn more, or to schedule an initial no obligation People Strategy Session to determine if this is a program that will benefit your organization, please contact Amy Cell at 734-657-0370 or