Human Resource Services

HR services customized to your organization and budget.

  • Do you need HR expertise at the ready, but don’t need someone full-time?
  • Does your current HR team need help with recruiting or special projects?
  • Are you a small organization that wants to outsource your people operations?

If yes, we can help. Let us customize the right solution for you!

Fractional HR

We can provide the resources of a full HR department with expertise in compensation, benefits, talent acquisition, employee experience, culture, change management and more. These services could include:

  • Recruiting assistance (resume screening, interview scheduling, offer letter prep, reference checks, salary negotiations, etc.) 
  • Payroll and benefits management
  • Compensation reviews
  • Designing training and development plans
  • Coaching new managers
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Confidential reporting of workplace harassment
  • HR process improvement
  • Supporting employees that have conflict or are going through challenges
  • and more!

Talent Tools

We developed these tools to help organizations succeed. You select the tools - a la carte style - or we can put together a package to meet your needs. 

  1. HR compliance audit - We will assess your current people processes for compliance to help ensure that your record keeping, classifications and other regulatory matters are up to date. You will receive a report of detailed recommendations and areas of risk.
  2. Compensation review - We will provide a report for you that indicates where each employee is paid relative to the market in terms of compensation.
  3. Compensation structure recommendation - We will put a banding structure in place that will include current and future employees and positions.
  4. Benefits review and assessment - We will review your current benefit structure and compare it to the market. 
  5. New supervisor/manager support - We will work with a new manager to help assess their comfort areas of managing - project management, delegation, accountability, rewarding and recognizing team members, conflict management, etc. We will provide the new people manager with coaching and support. 
  6. Culture assessment - How is your level of employee engagement? We will help you put in place a culture that attracts and retains top talent!
  7. Organization structure - Have you been growing quickly and job duties and reporting relationships seem a little out of whack? We can do a quick two hour session to review goals, processes, roles and responsibilities to help you optimize your organization structure.
  8. Employee handbook - We will create for you a customized employee handbook which will include key policies and practices to ensure you are protected and that there is transparency and consistency. 
  9. HR Information System recommendation - We will help you select and implement tools to improve people management and efficiency.
  10. Timekeeping and Time-off review - We will help assess your current vacation and time off policies, procedures and practices to help you manage this key people process.
  11. Employment branding - We will help you develop and implement an effective brand to help attract talent.
  12. Talent pipeline development - We will help you develop a long range talent plan to build relationships and help develop talent from within.
  13. Onboarding program - We will help you craft an outstanding orientation and first 30 day program to welcome new team members and launch them into your company.
  14. Transition support - Do you have someone that you are separating from your company but want to make sure they land on their feet? We will help your alumni craft a resume and pitch, and feature on our website!
  15. Performance management program - We can help you develop a system that celebrates your employee’s success and helps develop them for the future.
  16. 360 degree feedback - We will interview a team member's supervisor, peers and subordinates and provide coaching and development plan.
  17. Succession planning - We will work with the owners/founders to help determine the long term leadership for the organization.

Our Track Record

We are passionate about our clients and have assisted hundreds of employers since our inception in 2015. Recent client engagements include these amazing companies and institutions, and many more:

  • Ann Arbor SPARK
  • Arboretum Ventures
  • City of Ann Arbor
  • City of Fraser
  • Edward Lowe Foundation
  • Fusion Coolant Systems
  • Growing Hope
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • Livegistics
  • Michigan State University
  • Mopec
  • Mountain Pass Solutions
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
  • NeuMoDx Molecular
  • NoIR Laser Technologies
  • Stormy Kromer
  • University of Michigan
  • Waymark
  • Whiplash

To learn more about our HR Services, please contact us at 734-747-2936 or