Talent Champions Program


Organizations including Ann Arbor SPARK, the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber, Michigan Works!, Washtenaw Community College, Ypsilanti Community Schools, Washtenaw Intermediate Schools, Eastern Michigan University, the Ginsberg Center and other community groups have been discussing strategies to improve economic equity in Washtenaw County, with an initial focus on youth between the ages of 16-24 that reside on the eastern side of the county.

This group recognizes that employer involvement is critical when it comes to building the talent pipeline of the future.  Washtenaw County is fortunate to have dozens of employers that invest in our young people through apprenticeships, mentorships, summer employment, coming into the classroom to talk about careers, and other ways that provide inspiration and opportunity. 

If every business, in some way, engaged with our public schools, community college, and organizations that help support youth, then every Washtenaw County resident could have a career pathway and a bright future.

The goals of the Talent Champions initiative are to better promote available opportunities to employers, and to reward and recognize the employers that invest in the talent in our community.

Here is our idea on how it would work:

  1. Engagement opportunities (name of organization, name of program, type of opportunity, details, contact person) would be  posted.  Employers that want to learn more will reach out to the contact person listed.
  2. “Engagement points” will be allocated to the employer.
  3. Throughout the year, the employers will be recognized in various ways.

Draft Levels: (Points would be accrued on an annual basis)

  • Platinum - 100 points or more
  • Gold - 75 points or more
  • Silver - 50 points or more
  • Bronze - 25 points or more

Posssible Point allocations:

  • Summer 17 youth sponsorship - 25 points per slot
  • Mentor a youth - 10 points per mentor
  • Class speaker, mock interviewer, resume reviewer - 5 points per class visit
  • Business tour - 10 points per tour
  • Job shadow - 10 points
  • Hire someone coming out of a training program (Apprentice, GED, etc.) - 25 points per hire

If you are interested in learning more, or getting involved, please email Amy Cell at Amy@AmyCellTalent.com.