Talent Champions Program


Building the talent pipeline of the future requires a public-private partnership, with the cornerstone being engaged employers.  Washtenaw County is fortunate to have such a caring community and dozens of employers that play a key role. 

The goals of this initiative are to better promote available opportunities to employers, and to reward and recognize the employers that step up and make this commitment.

How it works:

  1. Engagement opportunities (name of organization, name of program, type of opportunity, details, contact person) are posted below.  Employers that want to learn more will reach out to the contact person listed.
  2. Partner organizations will update a tracking sheet quarterly indicating the employers that were involved, and their level of involvement. “Engagement points” will be allocated to the employer.
  3. Throughout the year, the employers will be recognized in various ways, details to be announced soon

Levels: (Points are accrued on an annual basis)

  • Platinum - 100 points or more
  • Gold - 75 points or more
  • Silver - 50 points or more
  • Bronze - 25 points or more

Point allocations:

  • Summer 17 youth sponsorship - 25 points per slot
  • Mentor - 10 points per mentor
  • Class speaker, mock interviewer, resume reviewer - 5 points per class visit
  • Business tour - 10 points per tour
  • Job shadow - 10 points
  • Hire someone coming out of a training program (GED, etc.) - 25 points per hire

Current Opportunities: