Entrepreneurial Lead - Software/Healthcare Startup (SaaS) - Kalamazoo

Do you have experience starting and leading new software startups? If yes, read on!

We seek an experienced software/healthcare entrepreneur to drive a high potential startup out of Western Michigan University.

This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur looking to lead a new SaaS venture.

About the Opportunity

A faculty led team at Western Michigan University has developed an app and web-based tool for tracking both patient outcomes in Occupational and Physical Therapy practices, and student progress in education. Initial customer discover has shown this new application has tremendous market potential in high-value niche markets (healthcare and education) that are largely untapped.

About the Role

You will initially work with the professors to transfer this technology out of the university and establish a new venture to market and continue the development of the prototype/minimum viable product that is currently being beta tested.

As the entrepreneurial lead, you will be looked to to lead all efforts to commercialize this high-potential SaaS solution. This includes:

  • establishing the new venture
  • raising funding
  • negotiating a licensing agreement with WMU
  • recruiting and hiring staff
  • driving the ongoing development of this solution
  • bringing it to market

The faculty who spearheaded the development of this solution will continue to support and advise, but will not be engaged in the day-to-day.

About You

This will be your venture to run with.

We are looking for someone with proven experience and expertise in starting and leading new software startups. In return, you get a university backed SaaS solution where the initial development and testing has been paid for with non-diluting funds and initial customer development has been completed. 

To Apply

Please send your resume to Info@AmyCellTalent.com - thanks!