Chief Financial Officer - City of Ann Arbor - Michigan

The City of Ann Arbor seeks to hire a Chief Financial Officer. If you have a strong track record of financial leadership, thrive on variety and challenge, enjoy working in a collaborative team setting, and have a passion for communities, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

About the City

The City of Ann Arbor, located in Southeast Michigan, within Washtenaw County and near to Detroit, is well-known for its vibrancy, high technology business community, social activism and is the home to the University of Michigan. The City is consistently featured by various media outlets on their “best places to live” lists. It is a community-oriented, progressive city that provides exceptional city services, and has a socially conscious Council that is innovative, creative, and responsive to new ideas that can benefit its residents. 

The population of Ann Arbor is approximately 120,000 individuals and covers around 28 square miles with a variety of residential developments, diverse retail and commercial businesses including multiple headquarter locations and the University of Michigan academic and athletic campuses.  

Ann Arbor provides its residents with excellent schools, a wide range of community amenities, a relatively stable employer base, and cultural and athletic attractions that are nationally recognized. The community is known for strong civic and community engagement, and is viewed as progressive/liberal.  

The City has recently prioritized climate action, affordable housing, inclusion and other progressive values.

A link to the City Charter and Budget can be found at:

About the Role

This position reports to the City Administrator, the chief administrator for the City. 

The Chief Financial Officer oversees the Financial and Administrative Services Area for the City. The mission of this department is to make qualified decisions to provide relevant, timely and accurate financial reports to our stakeholders that demonstrate fiscal accountability in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The Financial and Administrative Services Area provides a wide range of services. They include: Accounting, Assessing, Financial Reporting, Purchasing, Treasury, and Risk Management.

​Accounting and Payroll's major tasks involve the maintenance of the City's accounting systems, including payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

The Assessing Office establishes assessed and taxable values of all taxable property within the City of Ann Arbor. In excess of 50 percent of the revenue of the City of Ann Arbor comes from property taxes. Property taxes are the product of millage (tax) rates and taxable values. To establish the assessed value of each real property in the City, the Assessing Office lists, inventories, inspects, analyzes sales and income data, calculates depreciated costs, and appraises the value of each taxable property within the City of Ann Arbor. 

Other duties of the Assessing Office include administering the rescission and granting of homesteads, processing of divisions of land, maintaining digital mapping (GIS) of property lines and the write up of legal descriptions, reviewing and processing exemption applications, calculating payments in lieu of taxes, establishing special assessment districts and apportioning the special assessment within that special assessment district, defending assessed and taxable values before the Michigan Tax Tribunal, and assisting other departments and divisions within the City with valuation, real estate and property. 

The Purchasing Services Office is committed to supporting the efficient acquisition of goods and services for the City by negotiating, administering, and establishing contracts for a wide variety of equipment and service providers. Purchasing Services provides procurement support for all areas of city government.

The Treasury Office oversees the collection and distribution of city revenues, such as property taxes, parking ticket revenues, and special assessments. This unit is also responsible for investment portfolio management, cash flow management, bond issuance, risk management and adjudicating contested parking tickets. 

Other key job duties include:

  • Primary financial advisor to City Council - trusted source of information. 
  • Leads, supports and develops a  staff of approximately 35 employees representing Treasury, Customer Service, Accounting, Payroll, Purchasing, Insurance, Internal Audit, and Assessing.
  • Responsible for development of citywide $450 million budget and related public presentations. 
  • Champion Priority Based Budgeting.
  • Capital Planning. 
  • Responsible for rating agency relationships.


  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the City's CAFR for fiscal year 2020.
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Award by Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the fiscal year 2019 annual budget.

About our Culture

There is a strong team in place that has an excellent culture of accountability, integrity, honesty and collaboration. This department is complex and the role is multifaceted, which lends itself to the CFO sometimes playing the role of Controller to say “No,” while other times to say “Yes, and here is how.”

About You

There are a wide range of experiences and qualities that could be a winning combination for great success in this role. While excellent functional knowledge about finance and accounting is a must, this position plays a role that is strategic and advisory in nature. You will use your financial acumen and strategic planning skills to help the City implement different priorities of the Council, including affordable housing, community policing and climate action. Balancing competing priorities, especially given the significant but not fully understood impact of COVID, will provide the next CFO with an opportunity to use collaborative and creative skills that will also require an incredible ability to communicate in a clear and concise fashion to a wide range of stakeholders.

Application Notes

  • Applications are requested by February 10, 2021.
  • Please submit your interest and resume via our online job portal here - thanks!