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The Internship Matchmaker Program is for college students who are seeking internships and want to live, work and play in Michigan. This unique program provides college students with one point of contact that can help get them connected to Michigan employers. 


Internship Opportunities

ENGINEER (Laser Assisted System)

Portage, MI:  Micro-LAM - We are a rapidly growing startup, is seeking an organized, knowledgeable and goal-oriented individual to participate in its extremely dynamic internship program. The candidate will be involved in designing, prototyping and testing key components of the laser assisted system. Click here to find out more about this opportunity.

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If you would like to be added to our Intern Matchmaking Database - where employers can access your resume - please fill out the Internship Interest Form and attach your resume!

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Bank of Ann Arbor is excited to have found a bright, eager-to-learn college student through the Matchmaker Intern Database. Our intern is delighted to spend the summer in Ann Arbor living with her grandparents and getting real world experience with us. All of the candidates we interviewed through the Matchmaker database were hungry for experience and ready to work. It was a hard choice. The database is a wonderful tool to match businesses and interns. 

- Rhonda Foxworth, Bank of Ann Arbor 


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Summer Housing Options

Ann Arbor

International Cooperative Counsel (ICC) -

  • Ann Arbor has 16 co-ops through ICC -