Assessment Center Services


Amy Cell, LLC works closely with your organization’s leadership and staff to plan and perform assessment activities that evaluate a wide range of candidate competencies including oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, and problem solving abilities.

We will work with you in designing and developing Assessment Centers based on your specific needs. Every organization is unique and we will put in the work up-front to tailor this service to your needs.

Assessment Design and Development

  • Learn from you the key technical experiences, behavioral traits and leadership style that you are seeking, and build out a competency-based talent rubric for each position.  
  • Learn about the Organization’s culture and operating philosophy.
  • Develop a series of activities and exercises that closely resemble typical situations, problems and tasks that an incumbent would face.
  • Facilitate a final evaluation session with the assessor panels, to summarize and evaluate the behavioral evidence gathered from the assessment centers.

Pre-Assessment Activities

These activities may include a Candidate Screening Interview and one or more agreed upon Personality Assessments.

Assessment Center Activities

An assessor panel will observe each candidate’s performance during the assessment and evaluate them based on the standardized talent rubric rating scale.  Assessment Center tools may include: Behavioral Interviews, Leaderless Discussions, Oral Presentations and Case Analyses.