Executive Search Services

What makes us unique is our connectivity to talent and our passion for promoting Michigan.

Amy Cell, LLC works closely with community stakeholders at the beginning of the search process to understand the goals, skills, experiences and behaviors that are critical and “ideal” for the position. We also market the community as part of the job posting - we find out what makes your community unique and promote key features to potential candidates.


Amy Cell LLC offers full service recruiting support on an a la carte basis. In addition to candidate sourcing, we can also help your organization with the following services:

  • Compensation Analysis
  • Candidate Surveys
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Background Checks - Criminal, Driving, Education, and/or Employment
  • Internet and Social Media Profile
  • Community and Real Estate Agent Tours
  • Reference Checks
  • Caliper Candidate Assessment https://www.calipercorp.com/
  • Draft Offer Letter
  • Salary Negotiations