Leadership Training


We have developed training and deliverables for best practices in multiple forms of Government systems. We can deliver conference style leadership trainings, including oral presentations, group discussions and case studies.

We can tailor the following deliverables for best practices in your form of Government:

Intake Interview Meeting

We will meet with key members of the leadership team to gather information about the City’s operational climate, past training and the triggers that led to the need for this training program.

SWOT Analysis of the Organization’s Climate (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

We will consider the perceptions, norms, values, quality of communications, unspoken rules and  interpersonal expectations that exist among Council members and the leadership team.

Training Session

We will develop and deliver a conference style leadership training session consisting of oral presentations, group discussions, and case studies. Topics that might be covered include: Key issues and barriers to collaboration, goal setting strategies, case studies and conflict and interpersonal dynamics.